NLL Expansion: Panther City LC Mock Draft

With the upcoming NLL Expansion Draft on Tuesday, I took a look at what players Panther City could target as they begin to build their roster for year one.

First things first, I opted to punt on the goaltender position in my mock expansion draft. Unfortunately for Bob Hamley & Co., the attractive unprotected goaltenders belong to the teams that have the most alluring runners available (Calgary, Georgia, and San Diego).

At least one goalie is likely to be selected. However, if I’m Bob Hamley, I would attempt to assemble a tandem of Kevin Orleman and a veteran with experience (Kirk, Carlson, Fryer, etc.). I *believe* that they would both be available to outright sign as free agents. That way, you have an experienced option, while simultaneously throwing a dart at your “goalie of the future” with Orleman.

Next, I would call Zack Greer and pitch him on being the inaugural captain of the Panther City Lacrosse Club. From a logistical standpoint, this move makes perfect sense. Greer lives and works in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Lacrosse-wise, the 10-year veteran has been in many locker rooms and is still capable as a left-handed forward.

Panther City is on the clock!

Disclaimer: For the sake of this mock draft, I will not be considering the under-the-table deals that will be occurring on (Expansion) Draft Day.

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