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digz apparel is a new sportswear and menswear brand with compelling roots and a charitable core. A journey that began for founder Michael McWilliams in 2005 when his brother Tim “Timbo” McWilliams died tragically, 4 years after suffering a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Tim’s fight inspired the creation of the TimboFund, a 501c3 organization that supports those who suffer in the same way that he did. A portion of every digz purchase will go toward the TimboFund, and toward helping individuals and families to get the support and care that they so badly need.

In an effort to help produce their first line, digz successfully raised over $40,000 on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects allowing people to pledge money to help reach the project’s goal.

The first line is a blend of sportswear and menswear, including a signature boardshort that brings together both style and practicality, an all-season shell parka and everyday staples like slim-fit khaki trousers, button-downs, sweatshirts & graphic tees. We had the opportunity to ask digz founder, Michael McWilliams, a few questions. Read the interview below.

Tell us about the importance of manufacturing the line in the U.S.?
We really like the idea of keeping manufacturing here in the US. It’s important to us to support jobs here in the states and develop long term working relationships with the people that bring our products to life. We value the closeness and communication that comes along with that. The closer we can be to our products throughout the process of their creation the better.

What led to digz’s conception?
We asked the question, “What more can we do?” We started the Timbofund 8 years ago after my brother Tim passed away, as a means of supporting those who struggle the same way that he did from Traumatic Brain injuries. Our experience with the foundation has given us all a taste of what it means to help people in a big way. We all recognized a spirit that was infused in all the good that came from such a tragic loss. I believe we wanted a more creative way of experiencing that spirit–that’s when digz was born.

How is the line influenced by Tim’s life story?
Tim had his own style. Not just with the clothing he wore, but by the way he carried himself. The line itself is infused with all sorts subtleties that embody his story. Whether it be his lucky number 32 or the ellipsis that runs down the chest of an angel he drew when he was 6 years old. It was really important to us that we found ways to tie all these elements into the line as well as the entire digz apparel experience. We think our clothing line is a great way to tell our story and to connect to other like-minded people, and to continue to carry forward the dialogue we’ve created about giving back.

What are your thoughts on this first line?
I’m really proud of the line, it’s well rounded and simple. So many things inspired it but mainly it was just about looking at pieces that we had a personal connection with that inspired us. I think we are bringing the worlds of style and practicality together and the designs reflect that.

Vor more information, visit digz. In the mean time view their latest promo video below.

digz apparel from digz apparel on Vimeo.

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