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TradiTree has released iteration after iteration of the already innovative original TradiTree that include one for pita pockets, six-shooters, and even for a women’s stick. Most recently they have release the TradiTree Retro.

At first glance, it might just look like the original TradiTree.  It has four branches that hold the leather in place so that you can string around them and a base that sits snuggly between the sidewall and the sidewall string just like the original. What makes the Retro different, is that the two side leather holders are lower, providing a tighter channel for wider heads.

For those who don’t know, the older, shovel-like, heads where much wider and required that the outer leathers be strung tighter to the side wall so that the stick would be able to throw consistently. Even though X-spec heads aren’t as wide, a tighter channel would mean that the stick would be more consistent and have less whip.


I used the TradiTree Retro with a Nike Lakota U strung with a six diamond classic trad using LaxRoom’s Premium Leathers (which are awesome if you want leathers that aren’t too soft) that Hank sent to me. While I was playing wall ball, I thought the stick felt amazing right away. I love playing with traditional but right away I could feel that the pocket was going to settle in such a way that adjusting the leathers wasn’t going to be necessary. After a few wall ball sessions, I didn’t feel the need to change anything around.


The tighter sidewall also prevents such a pronounced rattle when the ball is cradling in the stick. I didn’t think I would like that at first, but I actually came to enjoy it. I think it’s because I wasn’t constantly cradling to make sure the ball was still there. I could tell by my normal cradle motion.

TradiTree is doing big things for the traditional game. This is hands down the easiest way to string a traditional. Totally worth the buy if you want to receive the numerous benefits of a traditional stick.



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