Rosemont College Installs Full Gray Synthetic Turf Field

Soon student athletes at Rosemont College will have a new place to play and practice. Amid the growl of Caterpillar tractors, the Rosemont College campus is undergoing a transformation the likes of which it hasn’t seen in years. It is also a first for the Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) and the only known fully gray field in the United States.

In June, construction crews began work on installing the full gray synthetic turf multi-purpose field and broke ground on the new softball field to support Rosemont College’s expanding Athletics Program. The $2.3 million project will be completed by mid-August, according to Lynn Rothenhoefer, Rosemont’s director of athletics.

Why the decision to go gray? “It screams Rosemont,” said Rothenhoefer. “The Athletic program is growing and that is what we want to reflect. It shows our commitment to athletics and our uniqueness. Selecting gray is also about showing our programs’ pride. It honors the Rosemont colors – maroon and gray, and is, without a doubt, memorable. Whether you played on it, cheered on our Ravens at a game, or came on our campus for a visit – you will remember Rosemont’s field.”

“The new gray field will be ready for its first event in late August and is a big step forward for the College,” said President Hirsh. “The multi-purpose field will be used for women’s and men’s soccer and lacrosse,” Hirsh explained, “The student athletes are thrilled about the upgrades and are eager to play on the all new fields.”

The new synthetic field will help Rosemont be more competitive. “It will also be a big draw for recruiting that we have one of the most distinctive fields throughout the conference. This is a major, major plus for Rosemont,” said Hirsh.

Rosemont College’s Head Men’s Soccer Coach Will Nord said, “The new fields are a great addition to the Rosemont campus. The fields will both enhance our athletic programs and the overall culture of the College community while providing the student athletes, and our entire student body, a chance to excel in competition and increase their overall enjoyment and experience during their years at Rosemont.”

The construction will reposition Rosemont’s soccer/lacrosse and softball fields so that play can occur on both fields simultaneously. The full turf carpet will measure 128 yds. X 80 yds. and will meet all NCAA field dimensions.

The softball field will be made of natural grass and moved to a lower level. Along with the 14’ viewing area above the first baseline, the visiting team’s dugout will be situated underground, another distinctive feature for Rosemont’s softball field. The installation of the fields was made possible with the help of an anonymous alumni donor.

Rosemont College is proud to have partnered with Kimmel-Bogrette Architecture + Site, Conshohocken, PA, Dale Corp., Glenside, PA, Shaw Sports Turf, Calhoun, GA, and Schlouch Inc., Blandon, PA, to design, build and install the new fields.

The first step of the project was to remove the trees necessary for the repositioning of the fields. In accordance with the site plan developed in cooperation with the College’s neighbors and approved by Lower Merion Township, 72 trees were removed from the site. At the end of the project, 134 trees will be replanted, along with extensive shrubbery, perennials and ground cover. One of the final phases of the project will include the installation of lights, as approved by the Township.

Rosemont College is also undergoing a 3 million dollar renovation of Cardinal Hall to transform its cafeteria, built in 1956, into a state-of-the-art dining hall, complete with food stations, flexible seating, and a cafe. This project is also expected to be completed in mid-August, and has been funded by the same anonymous alumni donor.

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  1. Anonymous on August 7, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    This is good cause there current field wasn’t even good enough for a middle school team to play on. Probably one of the worst fields I’ve played on, not just in college but ever.

  2. Anonymous on August 7, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    This is good cause there current field wasn’t even good enough for a middle school team to play on. Probably one of the worst fields I’ve played on, not just in college but ever.

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