SISU™ Mouth Guards, The Doctor Approved Protection You Need

SISU™ Guards are custom-fit, relatively inexpensive and comfortable mouthguards.

The history of SISU™ Mouth Guards begins in an operating room, where Dr. Jan Akervall, MD, PhD, a Michigan Ear-Nose-Throat surgeon, developed and used the material in Swedish and US operating rooms during surgery. The guards remained firmly in place during anesthesia and the hard, thin surface turned out to be extremely resistant to stress and forces. Dr. Akervall has performed around 1,000 surgical procedures without a single dental injury since the invention of a SISU™ Guard, and six years ago decided to introduce these strong, thin mouth guards to the athletic market.

SISU™ Guards are custom-fit, relatively inexpensive and comfortable mouthguards. The guards are made with Diffusix™ Technology which allows for the combination of the ideal size and strength, based on impact distribution. These guards are 1.6 to 2.4 mm thin, remoldable and are 30-50% stronger than conventional guards.

The reason for this strength is in the SISU™ Guard technology, which resembles the technology used in building bridges. When impacting force hits perforated hard material of the SISU™ guard, instead of traveling to the teeth, the force is transported over the surface of the guard. The guard oscillates, or vibrates, and “crumple zones” absorb the impact. Because the material is hard and non-compressible, it can stay thin and still give ultimate protection.

SISU™ Mouth Guards, The Doctor Approved Protection You Need

Athletes give SISU Guards rave reviews, because these super thin, ultra strong guards allow players to talk, drink, and breathe normally during the game.  The athletes can breathe, communicate and drink without having to take the guard.   The guard stays on the teeth during the entire game, which eliminates the risk of improper placement of the guard after taking it out, forgetting to put it back in, as well preventing the spread of germs from hands to mouth.

“As a coach, my biggest pro of this mouth guard is that the players wear it consistently.” Reports St. Mary’s College Lacrosse Head Coach, Amy Long. “There is no more checking for mouth guards and nagging required of the coaching staff. We don’t have to worry about injuries of players who are playing without them in our practices, because everyone loves them.”

The fitting procedure is very easy and can be done at home or at the playing facility.  The guard needs to be placed in pre-boiling temperature water to let it soften. The soft material is then molded to the teeth, using perforations and suction to create a perfect fit. An added feature is the material’s “built in” memory, which allows the guard to be remolded many times.

SISU™ Athletic Guards are available in two sizes: SISU Ultralight and SISU MAX. The 1.6 guards are perfect for team sports, where the ability to talk is required, and 2.4 guards are generally used by high impact sports athletes. The guards retail prices start at 24.99. You an learn more about SISU Guards at or request more information by emailing [email protected]

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