Sneak Peek: UHWK Camera


November 12, 2015

UHWK product

This January a new camera developed by two OHL players, Shea Kewin and Tim Priamo, who were looking for a better more sports oriented camera for training and recreational use. The UHWK camera they developed is a much lighter camera than similar cameras on the market and is more streamlined to the player. This camera also provides a much less distortion to the view of the film which is really nice for use when training.


These cameras are able to mount to just about any helmet and when it comes to lacrosse; the mount will actually mount to the visor or the chin without any issue. The UHWK is extremely durable against impact so no worries when playing full contact at any position and with the mounting system no worries of it popping off like other action cameras during contact. The UHWK is water resistant, so no submersion for now but they are releasing a waterproof housing this summer.

I’m really excited to see these cameras especially since they are coming in at $180 U.S. or $249 CA which is significantly cheaper than other high-end action cameras on the market. Check out their website at and their Kickstarter (ends  they have hit their goal but there’s still time to get in on the first production line.

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