SoundLogik: Jock Jams Vol. I

Today, we have a special guest post from Jaybay at Jaybay is a 3 year starter at Cal and was actually a captain last year. Cal’s opening game against Santa Barbara is Feb 4th @ Cal, rematch of last year which Cal won.

The fellow audiophiles here at Lax Playground asked us to invade your speakers with an exclusive SoundLogik guest post. At SL we specialize in electronic music and have an affliction for hard hitting bass that emulates the intensity you demand out of yourself every time you get the privilege to step on that beautiful playground. Whether you’re in the racquetball court hitting the wall, getting swoll at a team lift, or mentally zoning up before the big game you gotta have some tunes that amp you up, and keep you cruising.

With no further ado we present you with the first installment of ‘Jock Jams’, a massive playlist of BOMBS, your secret weapon that’ll be as essential to pinging corners as your starting wand.

Laxers don’t tread lightly.

Jock Jams Vol. I:

We all know and love this song with the female vocals that make you melt. Skrillex turns the dials and pushes this one to the next level. Must have remix for your collection of the ever-growing genre of dubstep.

La Roux – In For the Kill (Skrillex Remix)

Barletta took a club hit and turned into a fast paced banger that refuses to lie down.

Afrojack – Take Over Control (Barletta Remix)

Pretty Lights – High School Art Class

We had to throw a bit of Daft in for you. Although we’re all disappointed the sultans of electronic music aren’t playing at Coachella Music Festival, we can still pay homage with this remix from their score of TRON.

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Breakdown Remix)

BASSnectar. BASShead. Need we say more. Bombs of bass.

Bassnectar – Basshead

MightyFools – California Roll

The Control Mixtape is an hour-long mix that grinds relentlessly, allowing you to forget about changing the song, and to focus on hitting your workout harder.

PeaceTreaty – Control Mixtape

PeaceTreaty Control Mixtape by PeaceTreaty

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