Sponsored: Stylin’ Strings – Irish Mike’s Last SOSO – Red Traditional, green UA Command | SOSO 97


March 29, 2016

Welcome to the 97th episode of the world renowned Ship Out Shout Out by Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse. This week we say goodbye to Mike-A-tron as this is his last SOSO. We start off with a black Brine Clutch High School strung by T-Bird with a traditional pocket using white leathers, red cross lace and black shooters with white striker. Mike gets interrupted by the phone ringing at the office which it does about every two minutes during the lax season. Up next we have an Under Armour Command with a 1 Color fade using forest green at the bottom and  an all white Sniper pocket. The staff has a little fun as the UPS man honks to announce his presence twice a day. Finally we announce the winner of the “Would you rather?” which leads to the new contest this week which can win you a mini waboba lax set! Well, that’s it for this week and until next time Keep Laxin!

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