STX and South Swell collaborate on Anthem glove

South Swell and STX have collaborated on a new glove only available through South Swell. The SSS X STX Anthem Lacrosse Glove is the brain child of South Swell Director of Operations Patrick Gowan and STX Director of R&D Chris Saturnio.

“When Chris and I first began the process of creating a glove, I started by pulling out all of the old STX catalogs and looking through the archives in order to build a Frankenstein version of my ideal glove,” said Gowan. “Chris was then able to take my ‘monster’ and smooth out the rough edges, tell me what worked, what didn’t work, and together we honed in on the perfect glove for the $90 price point I wanted to hit.”

The Anthem glove features a textured nylon back hand, sweat-wicking glove liner, and a floating cuff guard. The goal was to provide a glove that was light weight and had a fitted feel, but still had protection.

“In order to eliminate weight, we wrapped the glove in a great looking diamond weave textured nylon and dropped the floating cuff guard that you see on a lot of gloves (but is also the first thing a lot of players cut away…),” said Gowan. “Chris and I spent a lot of time to make sure that the cuff roll and three piece cuff assembly was able to provide protection and maintain a great fit without restricting backhand motion.”

South Swell and STX threw in some anodized leather as a contrast to the diamond weave nylon, dropped a heat branded South Swell logo on the textured palm and a South Swell hit on the index finger. The Anthem logo is heat embossed on the cuff in a color on color style.

The glove is available in white, black, and navy for its first run with plans to expand the color options for the summer. You can purchase the glove only at South Swell stores or at

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