Lacrosse sticks

PLL Mini Sticks: Perfect for beginners, beach lacrosse and college dorm games

By Hutton Jackson | January 28, 2021 |

On Wednesday, Paul Rabil announced on Twitter that the Premier Lacrosse League had partnered with Wolf Athletics to produce PLL-branded … Read more

Burd Wood Works Lacrosse Sticks

By Lacrosse Playground | December 18, 2015 |


After getting to spend a few field days with Burd’s wooden attack shaft out here in sunny Southern California, I’ve … Read more

Hey, Your Lacrosse Head is Illegal

By Lacrosse Playground | May 22, 2015 |


It sucks. You’re in the middle of a lacrosse game, and during a timeout the referee taps you on the … Read more

Epoch DragonFly E30 IQ5

By Lacrosse Playground | April 7, 2015 |

Epoch DragonFly E30 IQ5

Another entry in the Epoch DragonFly Gen5 lineup has met yet another need for another … Read more

SOSO 54: Skaggs vs Mike-A-Thon & Rick Flair!

By Lacrosse Playground | April 2, 2015 |

String League: JimAlax Week 3 Challenge

By Lacrosse Playground | April 2, 2015 |

Epoch HAWK: Now with Wi-Fi

By Lacrosse Playground | April 1, 2015 |


Minneapolis, MN – April 1, 2015 — Today Epoch announces that the next series of The Hawk will have Built-in … Read more

SOSO 52 : Rasta Sticks and Fake Mustaches. Custom Strung Sticks and Dye Jobs

By Lacrosse Playground | March 20, 2015 |

Lacrosse Sticks Key Fob Green/Navy/White Key Chain

By Lacrosse Playground | May 31, 2012 |
A steady key fob is so important for Summer. When you are in and out of hotel rooms and camp dorms you lose things. Don't lose your keys! Green Lacrosse Sticks in a nice large noticeable size (the lacrosse sticks on the back are in White) are embroidered on a Navy Ribbon and then double stitched onto a Kelly Green 100% cotton webbing. All classic elements combined with quality workmanship made in America.

Girls Lacrosse Sticks: The Vanishing Art of Stick Tuning

By Lacrosse Playground | March 7, 2012 |
Buying a new stick is like getting a new baseball mitt – it needs to be properly broken in before it can be used effectively. Most players and parents don’t realize this, and we see many “tennis racquets” –new or restrung sticks that haven’t been adjusted – in our training sessions. The pocket of a girls stick must be adjusted to make it easier to catch, cradle, and throw while also conforming to the rules. Read More...

Cambreshire Dunes Collection by Kiel James Patrick

By Lacrosse Playground | October 28, 2010 |
Kiel James Patrick introduces the Cambreshire Dunes collection. The Cambreshire Dunes collection is an ensemble of rustic overtures, neutral colors, silks, tweeds, and tartans. The Chickasaw vs Creek bracelet, from the Cambreshire Dunes collection, is combining these classic patterns, fabrics with lacrosse sticks as an added touch. Keep Reading...

Brine produces white Brine Thriller, only available at Great Atlantic

By Lacrosse Playground | January 20, 2010 |
Great Atlantic is selling a limited edition Brine Thriller handle, only available for a limited time.