Stringing Soft Mesh

By Lacrosse Playground | June 7, 2012 |
Here’s another Reebok 10K, but with Jimalax Soft Mesh this time. With summer ball coming soon, there are a number of players that will be switching to soft mesh since rain is not an issue. Soft mesh pockets provide the same feel as heavily broken in hard mesh, but they are game ready almost immediately after stringing thanks to a short break-in period. Read More...

Stringing A Stanwick Pita Pocket

By Lacrosse Playground | June 4, 2012 |
What is becoming commonly referred to as a “Stanwick Pita” is really just a Pita Pocket that emphasizes what the advantages of a Pita Pocket should be. Stringings like this that use leathers instead of mesh allow the pocket to move with the ball better, generally providing a better feel. Read More...

StickWorkz: Reebok 10K w/ Jimalax Semi-Hard Mesh

By Lacrosse Playground | June 4, 2012 |
The head I strung is a Reebok 10K with Jimalax semi-hard mesh and all Jimalax materials. My goal was to string a pocket that almost anyone could use, without adjusting their throwing too much. It has a super smooth release with a bit of a snap, but it has phenomenal hold so you can really get some torque on shots. Read More...