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Spring Lax is Here, Summer Lax is Coming, Are You Playing?

By Lacrosse Playground | April 16, 2012 |
Now that the Spring 2012 Lacrosse is in full swing, I can't help but start to think about the upcomming Summer Club Lacrosse season. A lot of planning has been done by Clubs, Future's programs and even the town and HS programs in regards to tryouts, roster size, uniforms, schedules, hotel reservation, fan wear including custom gloves, helmets among other things to not only promote the future of their Club, but try and give their Members a good, positive experience in the hopes that they will come back not only next Summer, but this Fall and Winter. Read More...

Meet The Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club

By Lacrosse Playground | September 10, 2010 |
The club is a post collegiate traveling team originating out of the New York City metro-area. The Shakerz came together in the fall in 2008 when CJ Greene (Villanova University 00') and co. began talking about putting a competitive team together of "good guys" both on and off the field in the New York area. As is usually the case with CJ, he took the initiative to put the thing together and has been running the show as 'Top Cheese' ever since.

Laxaliers Uniforms

By Lacrosse Playground | June 24, 2010 |
Check out the pinnies for the Laxaliers. The Laxaliers, a pretty creative name, is a Wisconsin based club team playing in the Brewtown Shootout this weekend in Milwaukee. KEEP READING...