2014 WINNERS Lacrosse Spring Tailgate

By Lacrosse Playground | April 15, 2014 |
Brant Sports Group and WINNERS Lacrosse invite you to join us on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 at The Fairgrounds from 5:30 – 8 pm for the 2014 WINNERS Lacrosse Spring Tailgate, prior to the Washington Nationals/Philadelphia Phillies game at Nationals Park. All proceeds will go to WINNERS Lacrosse. Read More...

Pizzacraft Grilled Pizza Cones

By Lacrosse Playground | July 5, 2012 |
Oh boy! This has me salivating a bit. The Grilled Pizza Cone by Pizzacraft just made cookouts a tad more interesting. Never before would I have imagined bringing pizza, but now it would only make sense to bring this funny, gimmicky and delicious treat poolside. Provided with easy to follow instructions this non-stick item makes 2 pizza cones at a time.

The Freedom Flask (Video)

By Lacrosse Playground | October 28, 2011 |
Take your booze anywhere you choose. The Freedom Flask is the most useful flask you’ll ever buy, allowing you to easily take your own booze into football games, concerts, and other social events. Read More...

Pre-Gaming with Pat: Under the Lights

By Lacrosse Playground | September 14, 2011 |
Pat Stansik, former University of Michigan stud, continues his tailgating tour with 'Under the Lights.' Pat completes the cycle every single tailgate. If you don't know what the cycle is, then...just forget I said it. Ann Arbor is hella crazy. And that's my kind of girl. Read More...

Tailgater Dual Tank Backpack Drink Dispenser

By Lacrosse Playground | July 22, 2011 |
Backpacks aren't just for books! Clever and cool field day fun, this acrylic backpack beverage dispenser serves up shots, your favorite brew, or most delicious tailgate kool-aid in a style that's no-nonsense merriment. Read More...