Tom Schreiber

NLL Playoff Watch from the PLL Perspective

By Lacrosse Playground | May 16, 2022 |
For a big portion of this spring, we've been tracking Kyrie Irving's production and suggesting that his streaky effectiveness would be something that the PLL, specifically the Chaos, could expect from their players returning from the NLL.

PLL Weekend Wraparound: Troutner’s Performance in 2021 PLL All-Star Game Helps PLL Raise $17,500 for Oakland Lacrosse

By Hutton Jackson | July 20, 2021 |

We may have been without any regular season Premier Lacrosse League games this weekend, but it didn’t mean we still … Read more

PLL Weekend Wraparound: Waterdogs Roll, Woods Top Whips, Marrocco Stands Tall as Archers’ Losing Streak Continues

By Brian Andrews | July 14, 2021 |

Just when you think you have these Premier Lacrosse League teams figured out, a major shake up to the standings … Read more

PLL Weekend Wraparound: Archers Stay Hot, Whips Fall For First Time in Two Seasons, Teat Impressive in Debut

By Lacrosse Playground | June 29, 2021 |

Week 3 in Baltimore had it’s fair share of big moments. We had an OT winner. We saw the debut … Read more

PLL Weekend Wraparound: Waterdogs Rebound, Atlas Upset Redwoods, Whips Win in OT and More

By Brian Andrews | June 14, 2021 |

Week 2 in Atlanta was a great example of the current parity in pro lacrosse as certain teams finally are … Read more

630 Days in the Making: Jackson Place’s Journey Back to Professional Lacrosse

By Isaac Berky | June 11, 2021 |

At first glance it didn’t seem like much more than a collision of two players, something that occurs numerous times … Read more

PLL Weekend Wraparound: Redwoods, Whipsnakes and Archers Impress

By Isaac Berky | June 7, 2021 |

As the PLL season kicked off this past weekend lacrosse fans were treated to a little bit of everything in … Read more

2021 PLL Season Preview: Archers LC

By Jackson Rakoczy | May 17, 2021 |

With the PLL season less than a month away, Lacrosse Playground will be going through each team in the league Read more

Rock City Iso-Ball: How injuries and two unique skillsets led to a change in Toronto’s offensive style

By PlayingFromBehind | May 12, 2021 |

The Toronto Rock may have a new home for the 2021-22 season, but their return to the floor this December Read more

Tom Schreiber signs with Epoch Lacrosse

By Hutton Jackson | April 2, 2021 |

When Tom Schreiber returns to both the field and floor this year, he will be decked out in Epoch gear. … Read more

Podcast / Connor Fields: A Fresh PLL Start with Archers LC and Returning to Box Lacrosse with the San Diego Seals

By Pro Lacrosse Talk | March 11, 2021 |

Connor Fields: A Fresh PLL Start with Archers LC and Returning to Box Lacrosse with the San Diego Seals (Pro

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How NLL experience prepares Connor Fields for his Archers LC role

By PlayingFromBehind | March 4, 2021 |

Photos courtesy of PLL and Devin Manky / Jersey swap by Neil Barrett

Connor Fields’s NLL film foreshadows how he

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