The Maryland Lacrosse Glove Issue?

Unless you have been hiding in your closet with a flashlight and a furby, you have probably heard the news about, or rather, the rumor concerning the Maryland lacrosse team having issues with their Under Armour gloves.  Well, after a long journey, which took me across the United States, through death valley with nothing but my CamelBak, half eaten burrito, ah heck, I just made some phone calls, sent some text messages and emails.  In fact, what I came up with was far from what was stated on forums from a community member, who must have been bored, but I found out the worst that had happened was just simply some of the gloves, from a few different people, had fallen apart.

Now, think about this, I know in my days from playing this is actually normal, while not desirable, it does happen because they do play at a high level.  Not to mention a Tillman coached lacrosse team is very aggressive and is a championship caliber team.  Moreover, the lacrosse head issue that I have seen discussed is also not true with players having to return heads because they are failing, rather, players were wanting a different head because as lacrosse players, we want a specific pocket, and we want to play at our highest ability.  In fact, if you had a choice from a company, wouldn’t you take advantage of the ability to choose a different head in order to play better if it suits your style better?  I would!  While this whole situation speaks volumes to what happened last year with Johns Hopkins and STX, if something had truly happened, I can tell you Under Armour would have come out and said something in response, and even more, Coach Tillman or a Maryland representative would have discussed this issue right away because we all know how much they love their lacrosse at that school.  Now, with this issue resolved and the truth actually out there, I will leave you with the object of our affection today…

As always, if anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or message me on Twitter @TheRealHag

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