The Surf N Turf Tournament Wraps Up In Dramatic Fashion

Along with the thunderstorms on a warm Friday night in Boston also came 28 hopeful men’s teams and five women’s to the city. When all the games and Surf N Turf parties were done and the dust settled only one men’s team and one women’s were team left standing. TEAM LIGAS comprised of a few local players blended in with a core of Upstate NY took home the title on the men’s side while the Prink Flamingos a local based team did the same on the women’s side.

The Ligas:

The Ligas entered Sunday with a 4-0 record and a 5th seed due to their goal differential. They went on to have a 6 goal victory over the Megamen, in their first game of the morning. They played a tight game against the #2 Mighty Ducks and before time ended in regulation scored and were able take away a one goal victory sending them to the finals against the #1 seed Rip It Lacrosse. TEAM LIGAS took care of business with a convincing 11-5 victory giving them the title and bragging rights for the weekend.

The Prink Flamingos:

The Prink Flamingos looked good throughout the tournament and after Saturday entered the elimination round as the number one seed going undefeated Friday and Saturday. They would take on the number two Lady Ducks, who they had best in a highly contested early game on Saturday. The final game was worthy of the top two teams in the Women’s divisions and the Prink Flamingos would escape with a 9-8 victory after a late surge by the Ducks and remain unbeaten and claim the Surf N Turf championship.

The Charity Purse:

In past years, the Surf N Turf awards a cash prize to its champions however this year four 4 teams were playing for charity. After discussing it with all the captains of this year’s squads it was agreed upon that the $500 cash prize would be donated to the teams representing a charity and the winning teams could add in a charity of their choice. CroART Lacrosse also matched the donation with $500 dollars of their own. A total of $1000 was split evenly. TEAM LIGAS donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, The Prink Flamingos donated to the Bridge Center in Bridgewater, Kicking it For Cam donated to Cam, Team USO donating to the No Soldier Left Behind Fund and CroART Nation to Brady’s Bunch for Brady Wein.

The Party:

Teams enjoyed the Dine Around experience at 8 restaurants around Boston as well as tournament parties all weekend around the city. As the tournament was meant to be each celebrated the weekend in their own unique fashion. While showcasing the city of Boston and South Boston in particular.

Special thanks to Boston Park and Recreation,,, 5 Hour Energy, Telegraph Hill, Stella, Globe, Mija, Jerry Remy’s, Glorias Kitchen, Stadium, Symphony 8, Scholars and all Surf n Turf staff who made the weekend memorable for all participants.

Find us on Facebook, take a look at our Surf N Turf album and see if you were spotted at the tournament or out at one of the many Dine Around Locations. Or check out videos on the You Tube CroART Lacrosse Channel and Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @croartLacrosse.

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