Tufts Lacrosse Players Suspended Due to Pending Harassment Investigation

Tufts Lacrosse Players Suspended Due to Pending Harassment Investigation

UPDATE: Twenty−seven members of the men’s lacrosse team have been penalized with a two−game suspension. More…

BostInno.com reports multiple men on the Tufts Lacrosse team have been under investigation since the beginning of the fall semester, September 21. The event took place at a Tufts vs Smith volleyball match, in which the accused men shouted a slew of racist and “threatening” remarks at volleyball players.

A couple of those remarks include, but are not limited to “Look at those child bearing hips” and “You’re gonna get deported.” In addition to writing apology letters, the men will be suspended for two games this season.

In a letter written by Tufts Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Students John Barker and Director of Athletics Bill Gehling, it is clear more than one person participated.

All members of the lacrosse team who were in attendance at the game will be benched for two games during the upcoming season. While we do not seek to penalize team members who were not involved in the incident, it is the nature of team play that sometimes one’s fortunes are told by the behavior of others.

Read the entire letter.

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    Please do not treat quotations from an Op-Ed piece as factual. The players were punished because wrongdoing was discovered during the course of an investigation by Tufts University. The details of said report are confidential, so there is no way to be certain that the quotes published in that Op-Ed were actually said.

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