Under Armour Charge 2 TI

Do your goggles ever hit those weird pressure points on your forehead? Hate those post-game facial indents? No worries, Under Armour has improved this portion of the game with their Charge 2 TI goggles.

The pair I wore were royal blue, with a white inner layer. The white could be changed, since I imagine that it’d eventually get discolored due to sweat, celebratory Gatorade showers, and the usual rough and tumble. However, the white does provide an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the other factory colors: columbia blue, forest green, black, navy, red, silver, and purple. The special titanium wiring on all colors is silver and flat, for maximum visibility.

UMW Club Lacrosse’s #19, Mattie Goad, uses the royal blue UA Charge 2 TI goggle to match her practice gear.

In The Crease (or box):

One (1) set of Under Armour Charge 2 TI Goggles


Pros: minimalist, low profile design to keep your focus on the game. Subtle “acid etching” on the inner layer replaces traditional grooves or grips, so the goggle stays in place and doesn’t leave any post-game, red facial indentations. This also makes it easier to wipe down and keep clean. The outer material also allows for a highly flexible but protective form, making the Charge 2 TI one of the most comfortable pairs I’ve ever worn. The elastic, adjustable strap follows the usual two-strap standard, so on-the-field adjustments are simple.

Cons: There’s a small, awkward, flat space on the sides of the goggle, though this allows for number/initial customization. After wearing the Charge 2 TI for a few practices, I wouldn’t change anything else about them.


The Charge 2 TI is a competitively priced goggle, with dealers advertising all colors for about ~$80/pair. Team 22, Under Armour’s licensee, offers team purchases with the option to customize colors and logos. Like most goggles, the Charge 2 TI comes in one size, though the adjustable strap allows for liberal sizing.

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