This past weekend Towson beat Penn State 10-9. Yeah, Towson is on a run to make it to the tournament, but they also played for another purpose. Towson’s lacrosse team’s Academic Advisor is fighting breast cancer. She undergoes chemo this week.

The players selflessly decided to play in her honor and donned pink sweatbands, sticks, and even custom cleats. WIll Harrington, team captain, wore custom Under Armour Nitro Low Cleats designed by Sarah Palmer. Let us know what you think.

  1. those amazing hand done cleats really show how much they’re supporting her. same for the rest of the team. thats sick as hell.

  2. Rob Madgum dplax8 says:

    Sexii cleats BRO. I’m fighting against breast cancer too, I dye all mii heads pink but im going to do this too great idea. All the creait goes to you.Nice job, keep it up

  3. Sarah Palmer says:

    I free handed these with permanent markers, no stencil used. I’m looking to do another pair with detailed logos, same style and technique, and different designs.

  4. Bonnie Rose says:

    Wow! Sarah, seeing those cleats on the net made my day. You are massively talented – these cleats are just one of many, many beautiful things that you are going to design. I, of course, am already a big fan of yours! I’m also a big fan of Will’s, for donning these accessories and playing for the benefit of breast cancer. Like I said, you have no idea how uplifting the whole thing is! Uh, oh, I’ve probably over-tweeted or something.

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