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Hey girls!  Ever wonder what kind of wand some of the top D1 players are using- players at schools like Maryland, Northwestern or Notre Dame (think Taylor Cummings and Courtney Fortunato)?  Well, I got the chance to play with the same sticks they use when Under Armour sent me their Regime head strung with their Rail Pocket on a composite shaft.  Here’s what I found-

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The head is pretty stiff which makes for a good draw stick.  It has sturdy sidewalls.  The downside to this, I think, is that it’s a little heavier than some of the other heads I’ve played with.  My stick ended up being a little top heavy too which isn’t my favorite.  I’d rather get something super light in my hands.

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It was strung with their rail pocket which has traditional leather strings.  The pro- it makes an awesome pocket that will stay the way you want it to…..but the con is that it takes a while to be broken in.  But, as I said, once you do break it in and get that sweet spot in there, it’s there to stay and you don’t have to tighten it every 5 seconds or worry about a goal being called back because the strings loosened.

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With the traditional, hand-strung pocket, I could really feel the ball in the stick too and I felt like the release on shots and passes was smooth and very accurate.  The ball sits in the middle of the two inside strings which creates a nice channel.  That helps prevent the ball from rattling around too much or being cradled out.

The composite shaft was great…decently light and doesn’t get too cold during the winter months which is a plus.  It’s a women’s diameter (thin) which I like because I feel like I have a lot of control and can really feel the ball and the way it’s sitting in the pocket.

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Overall, I think it’s an awesome stick.  I mean, afterall, Taylor Cummings, the best player in the college game the last two years uses it so it must be legit.  I’m a fan, for sure.  Check it out when you’re looking for your next stick.

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