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Each Friday the Weekly Mashup brings you links to some of the articles you may not have seen that involve lacrosse or lacrosse players. Here are some of the newsmakers from this week.

The Death of a Lacrosse Player and How his Memory Lives on
Moving piece about the Michael J. Piegare Foundation and how a lacrosse player’s memory lives on even after death. It just goes to show that “through discipline, perseverance, and a lot of perspiration, this sport transforms players into young men with strong personal convictions including respect, integrity, loyalty and motivation. It prepares them to lead positive influential lives as adults”. Read more…

Lax World Expands its Reach
Successful retail stores continue to play a major role in how manufacturers remain/become profitable. Lax World is one of those stores. Lax World has just opened two new stores in Howard County, Md. and Southern Pennsylvania. Read more…

An Ode to the Lacrosse Parent
If you are in the mood to reminisce about childhood, lacrosse and the love you have for both then this is a great opinion piece for you. Read more…

Midfielder Runs 50 Miles
Pushing yourself to limit is not the easiest of tasks especially if you are about to run 50 miles. Sometimes just showing up is the hardest part. Read more…

Name That Flow Contest Winners Announced!
BroBible and Warrior have put together a contest to see who out there has the most superior flow in the game. Hundreds upon thousands of contestants sent in pictures of their flow in action and BroBible has finally announced the winners. Read more…

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  1. laxdad52 on December 11, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    my two sons and daughter play lacrosse. i grew up playing everything but lacrosse. im so glad to be a part of this sport even if im on the sidelines. that ode to a lacrosse parent speaks to the heart. thanks for posting.

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