What does your sock height say about you?

We here at Lacrosse Playground leave no stone un-turned when talking about lacrosse. Which is why we have no problem talking about socks.

Whether you realize it or not, socks can speak volumes about the person, the occasion and are often used as forms of expression. What the lacrosse player wears is a reflection of trends in society at the given point in time. Over the years, added unique touches from certain players inspire fashion movements down the road that enthuse thousands of lacrosse players. Socks are just one of these accessories that are evidence of continuous molds of expression.

Some socks are manufactured for comfort and some socks are made for speed, but ultimately across the broad spectrum of lacrosse, socks represent an individual’s style. An individual’s style parallels to his approach to the game. Before a game or even a practice the player might ponder, “What message am I trying to send?” or “What mood am I in today?”

We’ve seen some pretty crazy styles over the years: knee-high rainbow socks, neon green socks, and the socks-so-low-it-looks-like-you-aren’t-wearing-any socks look (we also call that the sexy ankle look). But when it comes down to it, the biggest style choice for socks may be their height.

High socks are occasionally spotted on high profile players, but maybe they are high profile because they are easier to identify on the field. Not a bad branding/marketing sketch if you ask us. Of course, if you are a high profile player, wearing flashy socks can also make you easier to identify out on the field for the defense. One school, of course, has centered their team around high socks. The West Genny Wildcats use high socks as a way to solidify the tradition of their program.

West Gennys high socks have helped define the tradition of a program.

West Genny's high socks have helped define the tradition of a program.

The strong, blue collar, hard working player is personified in a bulldog-like physique ranging anywhere from 5’7’’ to 6’2’’ in height and varying in size from 165lbs to 220lbs. These muscular and toned bodies (did we just say that?) often wear mid socks to enhance definition in their calves. This is a great option to have because the mid socks can be adorned with stripes, logos and team colors on enough space to be visible.

Low socks were a hot commodity back in the day (mid ‘90s) for almost anyone. The lower you wore your socks the cooler you were. Low ankle socks with low Land Sharks were seen on every lacrosse field in the country. It is argued that ankle socks pressed the “sweetness” element to the sport along with longer hair and added detail to equipment.

Somewhere right now there is a new trend developing. Tell us – are you a high, mid, or low kind of player? What’s the craziest sock combination you’ve ever seen?

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