Why You Should Care About Hockey’s New Technological Carbon Fabric TeXtreme…

The high performance Spread Tow Fabric TeXtreme is being used in BAUER’s new SUPREME TOTALONE ice hockey stick to advance its performance benefits.

The SUPREME TOTALONE is the second stick for which BAUER has used TeXtreme to enhance performance, this time resulting in a stick that is lighter and better balanced than its predecessors in the SUPREME series.

“The lightweight advantages that come from TeXtreme have not only made the stick lighter, they have also helped us to improve the stick’s puck handling and pass reception properties, thanks to the lighter blade” says Adam Gans, Director of Product Development for sticks at BAUER Hockey Inc.

TeXtreme is a Spread Tow carbon fabric that is used to make ultra light composites with improved mechanical performance. TeXtreme uses two novel techniques to deliver the high quality material: Tow Spreading Technology and Tape Weaving Technology. The two techniques that make TeXtreme unique include spreading a tow into a tape and then using these tapes to weave it into a fabric: Spread Tow Fabric.

You will find TeXtreme in aerospace, racing, sports, automotive and industrial applications, fields with extreme demands on material performance. In the consumer market it is important to create the right look and feel in order to distinguish one’s products from the competition. The unique fabric texture of TeXtreme gives you endless opportunities to stand out from the crowd by creating that one-of-a-kind look.

Why you, the lacrosse player, should care…

In June, Kohlberg Sports Group Inc. announced it had acquired Maverik Lacrosse, a leading designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of lacrosse equipment, apparel and accessories. Kohlberg Sports Group Inc., an affiliate of Kohlberg & Company, L.L.C., also owns Bauer Hockey, the world’s leading manufacturer of ice hockey equipment.

There is certainly a fair amount left to the imagination, but with Kohlberg’s acquisition of Maverik Lacrosse, you can only think that Maverik will have access to all of the technological advances that Kohlberg and Bauer can offer. Providing ultra light carbon fabric really makes a difference to the products it is incorporated in. Not to mention how much this would push innovation across the whole spectrum of lacrosse manufacturers. Shafts, heads, padding, cleats, etc…are all fair game when it comes to innovation. Manufacturers must continue to push the limit and drive innovation in our sport.

To learn more about TeXtreme read TextileGlobal.com.

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