Will the Iroquois Top String Be Legal According to the New NCAA Stringing Rules

Iroquois Top String

I’ve been emotionally and physically shaken up by the new stringing rules imposed by the NCAA. How could they take something so personal away from the player? The stick is an extension of your body. Players sleep with their sticks, take them to class, on the bus, on dates, and etc.

stx stallion

There was a time when you were defined by how your pocket looked, but times they-are-a-changin’. Lacrosse used to be like kickball. You could pinpoint who the best players were simply by looking at their pocket.

Now, every stick will virtually look the same. Shooting strings cannot be lower than four inches from the top of your head (no “V” or “U”). The NCAA, oblivious coaches, and lame fans wanted to take “hold” away from the player, in order to speed up the game by encouraging the ball to fall out more. More turnovers equates to more fastbreaks, which in turn, leads to a faster game. I don’t necessarily agree.

lacrosse top string

Here’s a quote from one of our best resident stringers:

If someone wants to come up with a 6 inch iroquois topstring, and string the middle of the head so tight that it has whip and can still throw and hold the ball, it should be legal. It would go against the spirit, but not the letter of the rule.

Iroquois Top String

Moreover, where does the Iroquois Top String fit in? Analyze the pictures I’ve included and ask yourself this question, “can I get away with it?”

Iroquois Top String

Hypothetically, if there aren’t any shooting strings within my pocket, can I do an Iroquois Top String down to the middle of my stick? The top string is just one example of a player showcasing his stringing ability. Will we see a lack of creativity in stringing in 2013?



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