The release of the highly anticipated game has been pushed back a bit, but that doesn’t hinder the fans excitement. Below is a list of work done to College Lacrosse 2011 in the past week. Check back soon for the first official gameplay video.

· Fixed glitch changing full body animation after faceoff

· Tweaked shadows

· New equipment icons

· Fixed stick twirling through body after throwing check etc

· Fixed Roster rendering

· Fixed music info rendering

· Changed rib pads to helmet

· Fixed manup message to be on correct side

· Live game fixes

· Fix for freeze when ball authority quits online game

· Fix for incorrect crease violation in online game

· Fixed goalie not being in net after end of quarter with flag down

· Improved stick checking when playing a check

· Improved change of player in game with >1 human player on team, ball shared out more

· Front fall\standup

· Fixed anims repeatedly starting in network games

· Fixed stop on ground ball pickup

o Fix for goal being given as replay starts

o Fixed first frame jips in animation

o fixed groundball pickup network’d oddness

o Re-added gilmans (X+Pass)

o Fixed clock starting in training games

o Fixed oddness when taking faceoff if quarter had ended with faceoff in progress

o Made network faceoffs fairer for client

o Goalie stick

o Fixed animation bouncing on client faceoff

o Max speed w/sprint upgrade & 5 star team reduced

o Defense not rushing out to challenge when offense is still away from goal

o Easier shooting chance in 10-13 yards

o User save timing adjustments

o AI shooting chance more distance dependant

o Fixes for 4:3 and for safe zone