Check out CMA’s fall lacrosse inter-squad scrimmage. The annual event is called the Franks & Beans Classic. Winners eat Franks while the losers eat Beans. Yummo! CMA has become a national power. Yes, they have! And, they’ve done it all while being from the great state of Indiana.

The team, with players from all over the country and Canada, is well-run by Coach Posner. “A lot of trash talking goes on before the game,” Posner said. “And, we also encourage celebrations after goals are scored!” Enjoy the video.

Below is a list of 15 players on CMA, who are committed to play D1 next year.

Dean Ferris ’13 (Attack) – Ohio State
Zach Currier ’13 (Midfield) – Princeton
Austin Spencer ’13 (D) – UMASS
Dan Ferrel ’13 (D) – VMI
Alec Johnston ’13 (D) – Robert Morris
Paul Westman ’13 (D) – Bellarmine
Mason Quinn ’13 (D) – Quinnipiac
Joel Tinney ’14 (M) – Johns Hopkins
Pierre Byrne ’14 (A/M) – Notre Dame
Riley Thompson ’14 (A) – Princeton
Matt Neufeldt ’14 (LSM) – Maryland
Beau Ecksten ’14 (M) – Delaware
Michael Calvello ’14 (G) – Furman
PJ Bogle ’14 (A) – Michigan