One of the current players at Georgetown Prep got up with me to discuss a new dye for him and with a little discussion on the color variation and a recent pattern I came across we came up with this. He decided on going with Baby Blue stripes and a White/Navy Mini-Checkerboard pattern with the outside of the head still Navy. He wanted class, not flash.

Stage 1: He obviously wanted it to be Prep themed with the GP at the center of the head. I then used a measured width for the spacing between each groups of mini-checkerboard so it had as much symetry as possible. I then began placing the five rows of Mini-Checkerboard around the head and then did the Baby Blue dye he asked for.

Stage 2: After the first color was done I went back and added a few more logos, his number, ‘HOYAS’, and AMDG (More Info) I then covered up the strips I had left uncovered because we decided we wanted those to remain Baby Blue with the Mini-Checkerboard White/Navy.

Stage 3: The final product came out looking sharp and I believe the Warrior Evo X6 will serve him well during this season at Georgetown Prep.

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