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Gettysburg Pro 7 Helmets

Posted on February 17, 2010 by

Categories: Cascade, Helmets

The new G-Burg Pro 7s are in. The helmet is a solid Orange shell equipped with an Orange chin, Orange chin strap, Chrome face and a decal representing the school’s insignia, a White “G”.

What do you guys think of the new lid?

Posted in: Cascade

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  • thomas

    ugly. too bad the team sucks.

  • burger patty

    Looks tight

  • joey

    Syracuse much?

  • Peter

    they must have bought those secondhand from Cuse hoping some of that championship magic would rub off

  • DJ

    sorry fellas i must have missed the meeting where it was decided cuse will be the only team allowed to use orange as the main color of their unis. Quit hatin they look good

  • billy

    Not gonna happen anytime soon….

  • mikethesituation

    did janczyk get these from the god just like he gets his players?

  • mynameisaj

    helmets look wack…just like the kids on the team

  • Rico

    Can we straighten out the “G” before we take a picture?????

    And the new ‘Cuse lids are going to be TIGHT this year. Checker board patten I hear…..

  • yeayea
  • gnarly

    hahahaha good find

  • pen15

    nono the chin straps are different

  • shaquielle bro’neal

    They’re as gay as aids.