With the constant shuffle of everyday life you may misplace prized possessions every once and awhile. You either throw them in the back of your closet, mix up bags, etc… But what if it was Glow in the dark? Steez Watches is a new company that you should definitely take note of this Spring. Steez Watches offers a Glow in the Dark band with a water resistant interchangeable face so you know this watch will withstand countless forms of abuse.

The Steez Watch Collection displays 14 classic colors in one bold design. Each color utilizes a timeless look and unique feel. Steez Watches look good on almost everyone and at the same time offer a durable, water resistant design to keep you on time and in style. The signature Steez customization feature allows you to flip your watch in the blink of an eye. With endless combinations there is no room for ordinary.

Buy one today at Steezwatches.com.