The Johns Hopkins lacrosse team will certainly look fly when they take on Hofstra Noon Saturday. Eamon McAnaney tweeted this pic of Hopkins during their practice unveiling a wing decal made by Zima Gear on the Cascade Pro7. Zima Gear did the full art and production for the Hop lids.

I can’t help but be thrown back ceaselessly into the past to a Mighty Ducks reference, “Ducks fly together.” What do you think? Will the Blue Jays fly together?

  1.  I don’t see one CPX-R in the picture above although i have seen a few Hopkins players wear them this season. Either way, interesting direction for Hopkins. That is a pretty loud decal.

  2. Not to get all geeked up about it, but as distinctive as a Blue Jay is to see, and if you’re going to go that bold on your lid, they could’ve done MUCH better than just white. 

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