I have seen a lot of Rasta Dye jobs and wanted to do one of my own with a little marble twist. This is a pretty simple dye job that you could do at home and is not too time consuming.

First, I dyed the head with a nice dark Yellow. I got the water as hot as possible and mixed it with Golden Yellow dye in a plastic storage container. I left the head in the dye until I was satisfied with the color, about 5 minutes, then pulled it and rinsed it in cold water.

To create the marbling effect I used Krylon webbing spray which can be picked up at any craft store like Michaels. I used a cardboard box to spray the head in since the spray is pretty hard to get off things. To create the fading effect of the colors and make sure I had some Yellow throughout the Green and Red I sprayed the webbing pretty heavily in the middle and used less as I got toward the ends.

Once the head was Dark Green I pulled it and rinsed it again then repeated the same process for the Red dye.

Once the head was finished dying it was time to take off the webbing spray. The easiest way to do this is by running the head under very hot water. As the spray heads up it should start to peel away in chunks and will not take too long. If there are any hard to reach places where spray is left use tweezers to scrape it off.

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  1. Greg Kenneally says:

    Its just a basic triangle topstring.  It helps keep the mesh a little tighter and looks cool too.

  2. Now im guessing you used Rit Dye? Any particular colors? Or just the normal Red, Yellow, and Green?

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