Ohio State’s David Planning Rips a Hole
Johns Hopkins’ Kyle Wharton Sends One Through the Net

The Lacrosse Network brings you the second stop on the 2012 LXM Pro Tour, LXM 619, on Coronado Island. The crew captured Team STX take on Team Sole in its entirety. And, along the way they caught Kyle Harrison stinging a shot through the net and popping into the air like a bra at a Skid Row concert.

Kyle Harrison lazer shot literally rips a hole through the back of the net; one of his six goals from the event.

In addition to Harrison, players like Mike Powell, Sam Bradman, Lewis Ratcliff, John Christmas, Max Ritz, and Sean Lindsay took over control. To find out more about the LXM Pro Tour check out LXMPRO.com and follow the tour all season long on TLN.

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