April 29, 2011 — Lacrosse Base Camp is a newly launched website that allows lacrosse players to find up-to-date information about the lacrosse camps in every state in the United States and determine which camp is best by looking at all of the options, descriptions, dates, and (soon) opinions from lacrosse camp alums.

Under each state page, lacrosse camps are listed alphabetically with key facts listed, such as dates, whether the camp is day, evening, or overnight, if the camp is a boys or girls camp (or both), and where the camp is located. Lacrosse Base Camp has also included website links that direct visitors to the specific camp session of each camp you are interested in.

Rather than having players spend what can amount to many hours finding, researching, and comparing camps, Lacrosse Base Camp does all of the work and provides the information for campers.

Find Lacrosse Base Camp at www.lacrossebasecamp.com.