We, Lacrosse Playground, launched our Washington, DC based lifestyle brand earlier this year. The inspiration for the Lacrosse Playground clothing line is born from individuals who want to be able to “let it rip” and “reel it in” fashionably, yet comfortably. The signature apparel item, The Convertible Short, caters to outgoing and active males. The Lacrosse Playground Convertible Short is a classic-fitting short made with quick-dry polyester microfiber. It is three shorts in one – Lacrosse, Swimming, and Casual. Today, we are releasing our Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook.

Available in 3 Custom Prints (Mesh, Seesaw, and Irish Setter) and 6 Colorways (Green, Grey, Khaki, Navy, Red, and Sky Blue), they’re perfect for any Spring or Summer occasion – even the water! Get ‘em wet to see the “Magic Print” appear and become the life of the party! View all the shorts, worn by lacrosse players, in action below. Click Here to purchase. Email [email protected] for retail/wholesale inquiries.

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