Maverik Lacrosse founder John Gagliardi is in the current issue of Fortune magazine. Fortune magazine shows how 3 small businesses stood up to larger competitors. One business is in pharmaceutical sales competing against CVS, another is a small pizza chain battling it out against world renowned Domino’s. John Gagliardi and Maverik, a lacrosse equipment maker, competes with New Balance, which owns two big time brands — Warrior and Brine.

The article details how Maverik strives to compete with other companies in the same market by loading his staff with players that the kids — and coaches — know and admire (including members of Team USA) such as Kyle Sweeney and Paul Rabil to name a few.

A cool image is also important: Maverik’s website features the top pros starring in edgy videos and offering up playing tips. Gagliardi also focuses on “lifestyle apparel” that gives the brand a “casual, cool, surf-snowboard dynamic” as opposed to the traditional prep-school vibe. He says sales were up 30% in 2009.

To read the full article click here.

  1. I think its great to see Maverik compete against the New Balance. Maybe competition can let the market determine the price and we will some more affordable lacrosse equipment.

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