Long Island City, NY, March 2, 2010 — Maverik Lacrosse (www.maveriklacrosse.com) and its creative video production arm Maverik Films today released its first in a series of ground breaking super slow-motion video/television commercials titled, “BE READY.”

Jay Jalbert, co-founder of Maverik Lacrosse and director/producer of Maverik Films worked with NFL Films cinematographers to capture in slow-motion detail the passion, the intensity and the dedication Maverik’s “Soldiers” bring to lacrosse every day. Maverik’s first commercial in its “BE READY” campaign will air during ESPNU’s coverage of the 2010 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse season.

“Our goal was to use the latest state of the art slow-motion camera equipment to give lacrosse fans a look at the sport they love in a way they have never been seen it before,” said Jalbert.

The “BE READY” commercials are precedent setting in their use of Phantom HD camera technology that films at a rate of 1000 frames per second allowing for crisp slow-motion detail. The first commercial in the “BE READY” campaign features Paul Rabil going through his daily shooting workout and captures in ultra slow-motion detail one of his legendary 111 mph shots. The crisp imagery breaks down Rabil’s picture perfect windup and cannon-like right handed side arm shot, the flex in the head of his stick when the ball is released and the exact moment his projectile finds its target, the back of the net.

“These are images lacrosse fans will not soon forget,” concluded John Gagliardi, founder and President of Maverik Lacrosse LLC. “We hope everyone will enjoy the stunning cinematography and awesome videos Jay has created.”

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  • Lance Gibson

    BEAST! The best lax video PERIOD!

  • Bates Masters

    God, look how much he’s sweating. He must work really hard. Maybe he could capitalize on this “hard work” motif and open a chain of shitty, recommissioned gyms where the only grinding and pushing being done is their monthly statement into that space between your cheeks.

    And he shoots 111 mph? By my count it took the ball 5 seconds to go roughly 20 yards…which works out to 7.3 mph. More like Paul Rabullshit.

  • idolfan

    too bad he is a tool. raise your hand if u actually like him? crickets

  • zeekh

    Great slow motion vid! Well done!!!

  • hmm1983

    i like it, but why isn’t he shooting overhand? he’s the reason why my players shoot wide right.

  • JDUB

    Hey bates did you read that it was a SLOW MOTION camera??

  • wilbur

    Damn, Rabils doing his thang

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  • Bates Masters

    @JDUB – Did you read BETWEEN THE LINES of my post?

  • idolfan

    hahah JDUB got burneddddd

  • jdoe

    Hes shooting side arm because he’s a professional and can shoot any way he damn pleases, its not his fault your players are shooting side arm b/c they are imitating him.

  • Ima Stone Her Bro

    i agree with jdoe…but this is seriously a sick commercial

  • lax

    If you stop the video with 8 seconds left you’ll notice that his gloves are orange even though he starts out with black gloves..wonder why they switched them during the different takes

  • DJ

    can any body tell me what the music is that hits toward the end of the commercial? it is really sick, definitely going on my warmup mix

  • matt biell

    not bad. too bad hes a power tool.

  • Chazz Michael Michaels

    Great photography– as the ball comes out of his stick, it’s unbelievable how much the head elongates (the stick’s head, not Rabils!)

  • fabian chavez

    dude bates your a dumb ass if you read the article, which you probably didnt because you left the dumbest remark ever it says that the camera is a special slo-mo camera that takes 1000 frames per second so do the math and stop being a smart ass, plus if you saw the halftime special event of the mll all star game you saw the 111 mph shot.

    My rant is over haha.