A man named Matt Stevens has been creating one of the best sneakerhead books of all time and it’s centered around the Air Max 1. The first Nike shoe with a visible air pocket will have 100 illustrations dedicated to it in the book. Stevens says:

The goal of this project is to do a limited first edition run of the MAX100 book. I want to get the book produced at the best possible quality and get it in your hands. By pledging at the $50 level and above, you are reserving and purchasing your copy of this first edition. The book is made up of 100 of my personal interpretations of the greatest sneaker ever made, the AirMax1 (60 entries that exist and 40 that I’m currently creating). Between the 40 new entries and the behind the scenes content, the book will be almost half entirely new, never before seen content.

Learn more about the book by clicking here.

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