The OdorBalance founders have roots in the cleaning industry and in the professional sports arenas. They recognized that there were growing ODOR issues in high performance apparel, gear, and footwear. Friends and teammates were having little success removing these foul odors. In fact, nothing that smells that nasty could be healthy for you. So OdorBalance developed a set of products that you can trust to solve your odor issues. A complete sports apparel, gear, and footwear Odor Management Cleaning System.

The OdorBalance Cleaning System attacks the sources associated with the digestive sweat process by removing dirt, grime, oil and other unwanted materials from apparel, sports equipment, footwear, athletic braces, and gear. It also cleans and protects surfaces of used apparel, sports equipment, athletic braces and gear with a bonded odor fighting technology. Once applied properly OdorBalance products will continue to provide odor protection over and over.

OB sizzle reel Jan10th from Joe Stephens on Vimeo.

With the players in mind OdorBalance offers a variety of products to keep your gear clean and odor free. The products range from deodorizing footwear, apparel, equipment and even playing surfaces.

Specifically, the OdorBalance Long Lasting Overtime Surface Protector Spray can be applied liberally to hard and soft surfaces of new or pretreated (after use of OdorBalance Defense or LaundryPro) articles. An on-location treatment that is a safe, odorless, eco-friendly, non-allergenic long lasting protector to maintain your sports gear on the run. OdorBalance Overtime Surface Protector Spray will build an odor barrier protecting your gear and textiles from odor and their sources.

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