Philippines Lacrosse Association (PLA) Becomes 50th Member Nation of the Federation of International Lacrosse

The Philippines Lacrosse Association (PLA) has recently been accepted as the 50th member nation of the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) by FIL membership vote on February 17, 2014.

The Philippines Lacrosse Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to introduce develop and grow the sport of lacrosse in the Philippines.

“We are extremely honored and humbled to be accepted as the 50th member nation of the FIL and look forward to the potential resources the FIL can provide to support development and growth of lacrosse in the Philippines. It is our vision that one day, lacrosse will be played throughout the Philippines at all levels and will be governed by the Philippines Lacrosse Association as the National Sports Association for lacrosse in the Philippines.” – Ron Garcia, President, PLA

Founded in 2012 by Josh Acut, the Philippines Lacrosse Association has accomplished a lot in a relatively short period of time. After a year of planning and participating in lacrosse events to fund raise, collect equipment donations, network and raise awareness of the mission and vision of the PLA, lacrosse was officially introduced to the Philippines in September 2013.

During the inaugural trip, Ron Garcia, President, and Justin Manjares, Director of Outreach and International Affairs, met with representatives of the Philippine Olympic Committee and Philippine Sports Commission to formally introduce the sport of lacrosse to Philippine sports officials and promote the mission and vision of the PLA.

In partnership with FCA Philippines, lacrosse was introduced within the school systems of Silliman University in Dumaguete City and International School Manila, and then subsequently within the FCA Philippines Chapter cities of Cebu and Bacolod. As a result of these initial efforts, the Silliman University Lacrosse Club and the Manila Lacrosse Club have been founded.

The Philippines Lacrosse Association will be traveling to Denver in July to participate in the World Lacrosse Festivals as the ultimate venue to raise awareness, network, and fund raise to support development and growth of lacrosse in the Philippines.

“We are planning to bring representatives from the Manila Lacrosse Club and Silliman University Lacrosse Club to Denver and use this experience to help bridge the gap between the developing players and programs in the Philippines and international lacrosse played at its highest level. What better way to instill the excitement and passion of lacrosse in our new players and coaches than to experience it first hand on the biggest stage at its premier event!” – Noel Ciocon, VP, PLA

It is the goal of the Philippines Lacrosse Association to foster growth of lacrosse by providing funding and resources to instruct and educate new players and coaches. The PLA continuously seeks out new contacts to add to the growing infrastructure for lacrosse development and give all ages in the Philippines the opportunity to learn and embrace the sport.

The efforts of the Philippines Lacrosse Association are made possible by volunteers dedicated to the growth of lacrosse in the Philippines. If you are interested in volunteering, getting involved or would like more information about the PLA, please visit their website: and follow them on Facebook: up to date information on the progress of lacrosse development in the Philippines.