LXM PRO player, Max Ritz, made another appearance on The Hills last night. Max is definitely doing something right with Stephanie (oww…oww) because she speaks pretty highly of him, even referring to him as a “prom king.” Below is a short recap from last night’s ep. Watch how a true bro gets it done off the field.

This is presumably Max and Stephanie’s second date. She prepares pasta (Max’s favorite). She must have known.

Max continues to play it smooth by bringing Girl Scout cookies for dessert. She loves his gesture and gives him a hug before escorting him to the kitchen.

Max, naturally, is smooth because he is a laxer and can’t help but entrance her with his magnetic eyes. However, it seems to go down hill (haha, no pun intended) as soon as she brings up her DUI and brother, Spencer.

Max catches himself and responds with profound words and she comes under his spell once again. Well done brosef, another Southside Slampig in the books.

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