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String League: Throne of String Week 1

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Welcome to String League, lacrosse’s biggest stringing competition. Week one is meant to challenge and stretch competitors’ problem solving, and adaptability. Our first week of the finals belongs to Throne of String. Throne’s owner Joe gives us some background on his lacrosse company based out of Brooklyn, New York. This week’s challenge for contestants @Brostrings, […]

Maverik: Shark Gel, Shark Skin, DILLO…

Long Island City, NY – Maverik Lacrosse unveiled its new “Maybach” elite line of lacrosse equipment (gloves, arm guards and shoulder pads) featuring a groundbreaking new protective technology called ‘DILLO flex. Maverik’s new technology acts like an armadillos shell, bending precisely with every movement of a players body while offering armor-like protection with unmatched comfort and style.>>READ MORE

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Maverik Goes Live with New Website and Customization

Long Island City, NY — November 5, 2009 – Maverik Lacrosse, a pioneer in innovative lacrosse equipment, today launched its new Website, featuring a unique new “Product Customizer” tool.

Maverik’s “Product Customizer” takes the company’s long standing philosophy of products designed by players for players a step further by giving our customers a pallet of 12 colors to design custom team gloves (Maybach, Dynasty or Fox), arm pads (Maybach Middie or Attack) or Maverik’s new for 2010 Monster equipment bag online.

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