Maverik: Shark Gel, Shark Skin, DILLO…

Long Island City, NY – Maverik Lacrosse unveiled its new “Maybach” elite line of lacrosse equipment (gloves, arm guards and shoulder pads) featuring a groundbreaking new protective technology called ‘DILLO flex. Maverik’s new technology acts like an armadillos shell, bending precisely with every movement of a players body while offering armor-like protection with unmatched comfort and style.>>READ MORE

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Maverik Goes Live with New Website and Customization

Long Island City, NY — November 5, 2009 – Maverik Lacrosse, a pioneer in innovative lacrosse equipment, today launched its new Website, featuring a unique new “Product Customizer” tool.

Maverik’s “Product Customizer” takes the company’s long standing philosophy of products designed by players for players a step further by giving our customers a pallet of 12 colors to design custom team gloves (Maybach, Dynasty or Fox), arm pads (Maybach Middie or Attack) or Maverik’s new for 2010 Monster equipment bag online.

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