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Maryland Lacrosse Showcase Hats Now Available


The Maryland Lacrosse Showcase staff is excited to announce that the showcase hats are now available for purchase. Read More…

New Promo Lacrosse Snapback Hats


Apparel company, Promo Lacrosse, have some great new snapback hats that not only promote their brand, but the game of lacrosse. They pretty much sum up what Promo Lacrosse, LLC is all about. The hat is available in three colorways: Maroon, Navy and Rasta. Read More…

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Adrenaline 90’s Hat


Adrenaline will be rolling out new apparel all Summer. One product that will be available soon is the 90’s snapback hat. The hat is termed “90’s” because it is heavily influenced for that era. 1990’s fashion exhibited a lot of bold and and flashy colors. The snapback hats however were simple and to the point. Read More…

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Adrenaline x Custom NFL Themed Hats

Scope Adrenaline hats customized to NFL teams Philadelphia Eagles and the San Diego Chargers. What do you think of the caps?

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Adrenaline goes bold in 2010

Adrenaline goes bold in 2010

Adrenaline has always given lacrosse a different look. Then again, it’s not fair to compare most lacrosse apparel companies to Adrenaline, as Adrenaline hasn’t been about lacrosse apparel, but more lifestyle apparel with a lacrosse background. For 2010, several pieces in the line take a decidedly bolder look. With daring prints and bright colors, these pieces stand out from the rest.

We talked to Adrenaline Art Director Danny McCormack about some of the bolder pieces in the 2010 line.

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Fresh threads: Brine releases exclusive King hat and shirt

Fresh threads: Brine releases exclusive King hat and shirt

Looking for something stylish this holiday season? Brine has some fresh new apparel out centered around the King logo.


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Adrenaline 2010: A Look at Adrenaline Beanies

Adrenaline is offering five different beanies as part of its 2010 line. >>READ MORE


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Maverik Lacrosse Lids

Looking for that last accessory to complete your look? Check out these hats from Maverik. More hats after the jump.


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Maverik Pipeline Hat and Hoodie

Looking to refresh your wardrobe? From Maverik Lacrosse comes the Pipeline hat and hoodie.


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A look at apparel From Maverik

Maverik has always had a distinct style and a fresh take on lacrosse apparel. Here’s the white Maverik Anthem hat.


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