Video: Quint Kessenich Analyzes First Female Lacrosse Player in Major League Lacrosse

Quint Kessenich Hopes Devon Wills Doesn't Receive Walking Papers

An historic moment took place yesterday when the New York Lizards of Major League Lacrosse claimed Devon Wills off the Player Pool. She has the chance to be the first ever female lacrosse player to make a professional field team. Read More…

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Quint Kessenich Gives his Two Cents about Cornell Lacrosse Suspension (Video)

Quint Kessenich Gives his Two Cents about Cornell Lacrosse Suspension

For once (!), I agree with Quint. ESPN briefly addressed the Cornell Lacrosse hazing incident Tuesday. In the short clip, Quint Kessenich states that the suspension and incident will not hurt Cornell’s recruiting. Read More…

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ESPN’s College Lacrosse Players and Teams To Watch in 2013 (Video)

May 14, 20011; Ithaca, NY, USA; Hartford Hawks defenseman Alex Matarazzo (6) defends against Cornell Big Red attack Rob Pannell (3)during the first round of the 2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Tournament at Schoellkopf Field. Cornell defeated Hartford 15-6. Mandatory Credit: Patrick Shanahan-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, I’d disagree with Dixon’s comments. Fortunately, I didn’t have to hear much from him. Quint and Paul’s assessment for the players and teams to look out for this season are accurate. I, for one, loved their appreciation for Denver’s team. Read More…

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Jovan Miller Responds to the Quint Kessenich Hypocrisy

jovan miller

Being deep in the social media world, I came across an article on that made me re-read what was said. Although the article seemed very subjective and directed squarely at Quint Kessenich, I had a few thoughts regarding a view from a player’s perspective. You are free to disagree or applaud. Read More…

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A letter to Quint Kessenich: Stop the Hypocrisy


The other day, over at Inside Lacrosse, Quint Kessenich wrote a letter to Major League Lacrosse where he criticized unsportsmanlike behavior in the league and implored the MLL to clean up the game. Normally, when we hear Quint’s voice it is like listening to the teacher on Charlie Brown – we just hear “wah wah, wah wah wah wah.” But this time we heard something else – hypocrisy. Read More…

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The Hardest Lacrosse Hit You’ll See Today

rob guida, johns hopkins lacrosse

A big helmet-to-helmet hit in the Johns Hopkins vs. Virginia game last weekend occurred when Blue Jay Rob Guida got bopped by Virginia’s Pat Harbeson. The Referees called it a one minute non-releasable penalty, but Quint Kessenich wanted an ejection. Read More…

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“In the Crease” with Quint Kessenich

quint kessenich

Lacrosse Playground presents Episode 3 of “In the Crease” with special host Quint Kessenich, as played by Mike Gvozden. Featuring Hofstra All-American goalie Andrew Gvozden, Kessenich describes lacrosse to people who are new to the game of lacrosse and Long Island hangouts. Read More…

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So Why Did Illadelph Choose Quint Kessenich As Their Muse For Ocean City Uniforms?

Quint Kessenich uniform-face

Ocean City Classic has become known for crazy and outrageous jerseys and this year did NOT disappoint. One of the big winners from the weekend was Team Illadelph’s Quint Kessenich jerseys. We have received a lot of inquiries about the uniform, the inspiration and who manufactured it so we reached out to one of the founding members of Illadelph, Carl Ray, to explain it for us. Read More…

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Scorzie, Keep Score While You Drink


Preface. You’re tailgating with your boys and all you need is a sober-minded person to keep score of your cornhole game. If you’re just shy of an hour til kickoff then you’re not going to find that guy. That’s when you need the Scorzie. The Scorzie is a koozie with score tabs on it. Brilliant, we know. Read More…

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Equipment Overview of Team USA Gear with Matt Striebel

Quint Kessenich goes over the equipment Team USA will be wearing this summer with Matt Striebel. Some of the equipment discussed, but not limited to, includes the Warrior Burn 3.0 cleats and the American flag patterned gloves.