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Jersey Shore Premiere, Gym, Tan, Lax

The Jersey Shore Season 2 premiere is tomorrow night on MTV. Beat dat beat up in style with the Top Ched Clothing GTL tank. J Woww will be putty in your hands when you flash this tank around town. Keep Reading…

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2011 Apparel From STX

Here’s a sneak peak at the 2011 line from STX. It includes the Surgeon and Assault t-shirts. MORE…

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Apparel In Memory of Yeardley Love

Bros Lacrosse is offering a limited time offer on custom shorts and t-shirts in memory of Virginia Lacrosse player Yeardley Love. Keep Reading…

Kingdom Lacrosse Revisited

Lacrosse Playground introduced you to Kingdom Lacrosse last week. The feature included classy shirts and hoodies. And now, you can check out the rest of their line plus a video found by our friends at LAS. More after the jump.

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The LAS LEGENDS T-Shirt Series

The guys at LAS have just released new shirts that are emblazoned with the most memorable and legendary players from Syracuse, Johns Hopkins, Virginia, and Princeton. The idea for the shirts spawned from popular Hip Hop shirts that display the best rappers like Tupac and Biggie. Let us know what you think in the comment section. More after the jump.

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Kingdom Lacrosse's New Line

Kingdom Lacrosse is a hot new lacrosse apparel company out of Rochester. The guys behind the line are very passionate about the sport because it has given them so many opportunities. And it clearly evident in this post. It first began as a conversation between two friends and teammates. David Kemp and Bobby DeFreze are born and raised in the Rochester community, and more specifically the Rochester Lacrosse community, and know how deep those roots go. The mission of Kingdom Lacrosse is to provide highly unique and high quality apparel to fellow lax rats everywhere. More after the jump.

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Art of Lax: New Site

The Art of Lax™ is a lacrosse-themed graphic studio launched in Dec. 2008. It’s for the player, coach, parent and lacrosse enthusiast in us. The new site showcases artwork, apparel and accessories from artist Vinnie Ricasio.>>READ MORE


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Traditional Strings: New Clothing/Updated Site


Founded by UMass-Boston laxer Aaron Pollock, Traditional Strings is an apparel company that puts out lacrosse-inspired clothing that ranges from t-shirts to shorts. Today they released their latest shirt “Field Vision” on their recently updated website.

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Art of Lax Drawings Now Wearable

The lacrosse artwork by the Art of Lax™ that was launched to the lacrosse public in 2009 by Vincent Ricasio, has now been turned into t-shirts for 2010. >>READ MORE


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