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Maverik Maybach Deuce Lacrosse Shoulder Pads


This brand new Maverik innovation contours to your body like no other pad on the market. Ergonomically designed to create real feel. DuraStretch technology offers protection and creates more channels for air flow. Interior raised padding lining minimizes touch points on the skin. Adjustable collar bone protection for customized fit. Straps don’t dangle so you can put your gear on yourself – because a real Maverik doesn’t need help dressing.

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Warrior Lacrosse Nation 11 Hitman SP (White)

warrior hitman 11 shoulder pad white

New from Lacrosse Unlimited & Warrior Lacrosse is a limited edition Warrior Lacrosse Nation 11 Hitman SP. This shoulder pad is White compared to the stock Black color. The Dual Density Compression molded construction offers 2 layers of protection as well as adjustable/removeable arm pads and a vaportek liner to wick moisture away from your body.

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Brine Triumph Shoulder Pads

triumph sp-2

You are looking at the new Triumph shoulder pad from Brine. The Black/White shoulder pad is injected with EVA foam technology. Featured in the back, sternum and shoulder cap area the injected EVA gives maximum protection while remaining super light. Read More…

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Under Armour Shoulder Pads

under armour shoulder pads

Under Armour Lacrosse made an introduction at the 2011 NCAA Final Four this past Spring showcasing heads and shafts. Similarly to other sporting equipment products made by Under Armour, UA caters to the lacrosse athlete by adding additional protection over the heart without adding too much bulk to the whole product. Read More…

Warrior Players Club Limited Equipment

warrior lacrosse

Earlier this week, Warrior released a sneak peek of their new Players Club Limited equipment. The equipment includes arm pads and shoulder pads with distressed leather. Read More…

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Maverik officially launches Maybach equipment line

Maverik officially launches Maybach equipment line

Maverik officially launched Maybach equimpent line today, featuring gloves, arm guards, and shoulder pads.


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New Video from STX and Kyle Harrison

Kyle Harrison divulges in to his past line of equipment and the improvements with his current K18 line. Check out the video and what this new line means to Kyle after the jump. >>READ MORE

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Maverik Maybach Shoulder Pads

2010 Maybach Shoulder Pads

Maverik Lacrosse has just uploaded pictures to their Fan Page with two new Maybach shoulder pads for 2010. One of the Maybach shoulder pads looks to provide maximum protection while the other self proclaimed, 2010 Maybach SPEED shoulder pads, are built for speed given that it weighs less.

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