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Avon Old Farms STX and Cascade Lacrosse Equipment

avon old farms lacrosse,

Long regarded as a leading program within the realm of New England lacrosse, Avon Old Farms graces LPG as we take a closer look at their 2012 gear. The Founders League team sports a Crimson/Navy colorway on all apparel and equipment. Read More…

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Game Photos: Johns Hopkins Lacrosse Hoists Doyle Smith Cup After Beating Virginia, 11-10

Johns Hopkins Lacrosse, Virginia Lacrosse, Geoff Burke

Hopkins and Virginia battled for the Doyle Smith Cup this past weekend. UVa won the Doyle Smith Cup the first five seasons it was awarded before losing it at Homewood Field during a 12-11 setback last season. The game is the seventh annual battle for the Doyle Smith Cup, a spoil since 2006 that goes to the regular season winner in the series. Read More…

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Game Photos: Hill Academy Edges Landon, 7-6

high school lacrosse: the hill academy vs landon school

The Hill Academy(ON) defeated the #4 Landon School(MD) at Triplett Field & Bordley Stadium on March 17, 2012 in Bethesda, MD. Brodie Merrill’s team visited the States to showcase their talent and get exposure. They definitely made a point! Read More…

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New WARRIOR National Evolution 3 Heads

New WARRIOR National Evolution 3 Heads

Warrior is launching special edition Evolution 3 heads in July 2011 and we are giving you a close look. The heads will be available in four country colorways: USA, Ireland, Argentina and Italy. These will be available in both X and HS specs, for a limited time only.