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Burd Wood Works Lacrosse Sticks


After getting to spend a few field days with Burd’s wooden attack shaft out here in sunny Southern California, I’ve come to love wooden handles. The Burd stick I’m testing doesn’t have the optional wax coating, which gave it a true old-school-style feel to the stick. It’s made from hickory, so you you can be darn […]

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Glory Hound Lax Sponsors Patriot Cup

Glory Hound has been announced as one of the sponsors for the Patriot Cup next week at SMU in Dallas. The event will feature High School and college teams from all over Texas as well as visiting teams from New England, Oregon and Michigan.>>READ MORE

Interview With Hickory Lax Owner, Stephen Dylag

Interview With Hickory Lax Owner, Stephen Dylag

LPG had the opportunity to talk with Stephen Dylag, Owner of Hickory Lacrosse. Hickory Lacrosse specializes in manufacturing and selling high quality, hand-finished hickory lacrosse shafts. The shafts come in all sizes (attack, defense).>>READ MORE

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Glory Hound Lacrosse

If you are still undecided on a birthday or Christmas gift for a sibling, son, or teammate LPG may have uncovered just the thing you are looking for, a Glory Hound Lacrosse specialty trophy. The handcrafted display pieces are hand crafted from solid cherry wood and were recently presented as tournament trophies at the Mangia Invitational last weekend in Austin, Texas. >> Read More


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