As it gets closer to Christmas your remaining shopping days wind down and presumable panic begins to set in. Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t decided what to get your brother, dad, son, roommate or teammate for Christmas. LPG has put together a great list of reasonably priced gifts in The College Guy Gift Guide.

vKing Lawn Game ($99). Bottle Opener Dog Collar ($19.95). Polarized Sun Glasses by VonZipper ($140). A Better Sweater by Patagonia ($149). Caperton Cords by Bonobos ($110). Kickball T Shirt by Streaker Sports ($26). Houndstooth Slip on by Sanuk ($50). Knit Cap by Beardhead ($29.99). Beer: A Collection of Cans ($13.57).

Tune in tomorrow for another Gift Guide…

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