On November 5th, a monumental recruiting advancement will take place. The event is called the National Faceoff Tournament and it will be held at South River High School in the Annapolis, Maryland, area. As evident by its name, it is solely for faceoff men in a strong attempt to aid their recruitment process.

Because there is a Fall Invitational Tournament already being held at the same location and weekend, over 100 college coaches will have an opportunity to watch and recruit faceoff men. This is a great chance for faceoff men to get noticed. Oftentimes, the guys at the “X” go unnoticed during the recruiting process.

Annapolis, MD – “THE BATTLE TO RANK HIGH SCHOOL RECRUITS” The National Face Off Tournament presented by STX Lacrosse is the first ever faceoff player ONLY tournament that will rank players at the Fall Invitational Tournament, November 5th and 6th. Our goal is to allow faceoff players the opportunity to gain additional exposure to both recruiting and college coaches. Players who attend the National Faceoff Tournament will battle one another to be ranked in the Top 5 Faceoff Players within their age group. This will greatly increase a player’s chance of being recruited by over 100 college coaches that attended last year’s Fall Invitational Tournament.

Notes to take away from competing in the National Faceoff Tournament:

– Top 5 best faceoff players ranked 1st -5th
– Be noticed by more than 100 college coaches that attended last year’s Fall Invitational Tournament
– College coaches learn who to watch during the Fall Invitational Tournament
– Players gain exposure to college coaches and recruiting
– Full results posted in Tournament recruiting book for college coaches
– Results posted on our website and the college coach registration station at the tournament
– Player contact information and results emailed to all college coaches who attended Lax Invitational

Register for the Faceoff Tournament by clicking here. Register for the Fall Lacrosse Invitational Tournament by clicking here.