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2012 scotland lacrosse

2012 Scotland Lacrosse Preparing for Dominance

Jonny Davis, a middie for Team Scotland, will be blogging from Turku, Finland. Jonny will be detailing the daily ins and outs of what it’s like to play in the U19 World Games, but also share experiences from off the field. Below is the first installment of the U19 Scotland lacrosse blog.

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Day 3 promised to hold a little more for Scotland. The day started with more salmon and pancakes, before stepping out to the main stadium for training. We headed over to Ylakentta stadium for the first time, rehearsing some more plays and fine tuning the defence. For lunch we went back to Veritas Stadion, where we got a chance to watch a Holland v Wales scrimmage and also the Koreans training – our opponents for tomorrow. Over lunch we crossed paths with the Germans, hair of choice being a mohawk.

The main event of the day was the opening ceremony. All the countries lined up outside the stadium in preparation to get in. Unfortunately the Germans went against the stereotype and showed up late.This gave us a chance to talk to the Americans next to us and other coaches to take photos of 25 Scottish players in kilts (‘Look at those guys wearing skirts’). Once a few dignitaries and organisers had said a few words, we had a moments silence for both Chris Sanderson and Kanatiio Adams, before preparing to watch the first matchup, Czech v Finland. It was good to see so many of us sharing a moments silence, showing support from a global lacrosse community.

The Finland Czech game opened with a full stand, both sides getting cheers for anything positive. The Czech’s held the lead for most of the game, with Finland coming close to catching up several times. However as the clock wound down the game got chippier, and it was clear the crowd was on the host nations side. Unfortunately for Finland, the game ended at 10-7 to the Czech, and the crowd quickly filtered out into the streets of Turku, where the sun never seems to set – I went to sleep at 1am and it hadn’t quite gone down.

Tomorrow we face Korea – here’s hoping we start it right.

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